Leslie Ann Crozier

Founder, Triumph Over Alzheimer’s

Eight years ago, Alzheimer’s touched my life and my family’s life. Watching my mother’s cognitive decline over the years has been a confusing and heartbreaking journey … a journey I know many of you have also experienced.

Alzheimer’s does not discriminate. It cannot be prevented, slowed or cured … yet. Cognitive decline strikes all, and leaves loved ones and caretakers feeling helpless.

I established the Triumph Over Alzheimer’s Foundation, and with your help and generous support from the past three Forums, Triumph Over Alzheimer’s has awarded over $450,000 in grants for Alzheimer’s and brain health research.

My passion is … and I want my legacy to be … to help someday find a cure or a breakthrough for this devasting and deadly disease.

Let’s join together to support the research of our world-renowned scientists who are tirelessly working to find breakthroughs in preventing cognitive decline.

We must all do our part to end this life altering and deadly disease that affects so many of our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We must help these scientists get to the finish line … and give us hope.

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Cognitive Decline Strikes All … Alzheimer’s Does Not Discriminate