• Alzheimer’s Research ‘Rock Stars’ Star At Triumph Over Alzheimer’s Event At Bush Institute

    There was a sizeable turnout at the George W. Bush Institute May 7 for the Triumph Over Alzheimer’s Forum and Dinner. In fact, at least 275 tickets were sold for the special evening. The robust result meant that Leslie Ann Crozier‘s startup nonprofit Triumph Over Alzheimer’s—which aims to advance research into the irreversible brain disease—has come from out of nowhere to raise more than a quarter of a million dollars for the cause in less than two years.

    The Bush Institute event—which followed Leslie’s inaugural fundraiser at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek in May 2017, when her group was known as the It’s Their Time Foundation—included a cocktail reception, a dinner, an auction, and a panel discussion titled “Research ‘Rock Stars’ Take on the Myths and Realities of Alzheimer’s.”

    Participating in the symposium were Dr. Roger Rosenberg, director of the NIH-funded Alzheimer’s Disease Center of UT Southwestern Medical Center, and Dr. Rudy Tanzi, the Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard University. (Tanzi, a musician who’s played keyboards for Aerosmith, was the panel’s actual “rock star.”) The talk was moderated by Dr. Michael Hayden, Killam Professor of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia.

    Just before the panel convened, a lively and crowded reception was held that brought together guests like Event Co-Chair Katherine Wynne, Sarah Losinger, Lottye and Bobby Lyle, Caroline Rose Hunt, Lee Bailey, Dr. John Gill, Diane and Stuart Bumpas, Jacque Delkus, Billy Lee Rippey and Carol Seay. Then they and others, including Jim Moroney, Joyce and Larry Lacerte and Barbara and Stan Levenson, repaired to the auditorium to hear Roger, Rudolph, and Michael wax eloquently about the causes of Alzheimer’s—unwanted proteins called “plaques and tangles,” which impair learning and memory functions, they said—and ways to ease the suffering of those with the disease.

    “The elephant in the room is, we don’t diagnose Alzheimer’s until we start seeing symptoms,” Rudy told the crowd. “We need to start determining [the unwanted proteins] with a scan, 20 years before the disease shows up.” Chimed in Michael: “What Rudy is saying is, just as we do with heart disease, where you can lower your cholesterol and help prevent a heart attack, let’s find a way to measure the early signs, before the disease starts.”

    After Roger noted that certain behaviors—like smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise—increase one’s risk of developing Alzheimer’s, Rudy mentioned a “seven-day plan” he’s helped develop that could help protect the brain and possibly prevent dementia. (Seventy percent of Alzheimer’s patients are afflicted with dementia.)

    Rudy’s so-called SHIELD plan, which he developed together with Dr. Deepak Chopra, consists of:

    S, for sleeping at least seven hours a night.
    H, for handling stress.
    I, for interacting with others.
    E, for exercise.
    L, for learning new things.
    D, for diet, preferably a Mediterranean diet that focuses on fruit, nuts, vegetables, and olive oil.

    Asked what people can do to ease the burden on Alzheimer’s sufferers and their families, Roger replied, “We should state our case. Cancer overcame its stigma, but we’re just beginning [to do that]. … Mutual support by friends and family is also important.”

    Pete Delkus and Leslie Ann CrozierThe evening concluded with a dinner—spinach and roasted beet salad, roasted chicken breast and seared halibut, flour-less chocolate cake—that was emceed by WFAA (Channel 8) weatherman Pete Delkus. It also included the playing of a video featuring a touching song about Alzheimer’s called “Remember Me.” The song was co-written by Rudy and “The Voice” finalist Chris Mann, who also performed the poignant tune. In addition, a live auction offered the likes of a trip to Winter Park, Colorado; a 14-carat Susan Saffron white gold diamond ring; and a dinner for eight at Stephan Pyles’ Flora Cafe.

    According to Leslie, all proceeds from the evening—$160,000 worth—will be turned over to Roger to benefit his Alzheimer’s research at UT Southwestern and to Rudy and his research team at Harvard.

  • 2018 Forum Speakers


    Since her days as Senior Class President at Stanford University, and as Class President at SMU while earning her MBA, Leslie Ann has always led the way. Leslie Ann is co-founder and partner of Hot On! Homes, the marketing, advertising and digital platform utilized by America’s top homebuilders.
    Philanthropically, Leslie is involved in many causes. Most recently, she founded the TRIUMPH OVER ALZHEIMER’S foundation to advance Alzheimer’s Research. With tireless energy and endless enthusiasm, Leslie is dedicated to finding a cure for this life-altering and deadly disease that affects so many of our lives.

    Dr. Rudy Tanzi
    Joseph P. and Rose F. Kennedy Professor of Neurology at Harvard University

    Co-discovered all three familial early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (FAD) genes Called the “Rock Star of Science” by GQ magazine. (Tanzi is a former keyboardist with Aerosmith)

    One of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” in 2015

    New York Times bestselling co-author of Super Brain, Super Genes, and The Healing Self

    Dr. Roger Rosenberg
    Founding Director of the NIH funded Alzheimer’s Disease Center of UT Southwestern Medical Center

    In final development stages of a DNA vaccine that has the potential to prevent or slow the progression of Alzheimer’s

    Recipient of the 1st Science Medal for Scientific Achievements in Neurology and Neuroscience from the World Federation of Neurology

    Former President of the American Academy of Neurology

    Dr. Michael Hayden
    Killiam professor of Medical Genetics at the University of British Columbia

    Most cited author in the world for Huntington’s disease; has authored over 850 publications

    Named one of the “50 Canadians Born in the 20th Century Who Have Changed the World”

    In 2017 was inducted into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame


    Pete Delkus is a native favorite, and is the Chief Meteorologist at Tenga-owned and ABC-affiliated WFAA-TV in Dallas. He joined the WFAA-TV weather department in 2005 and quickly won the respect of North Texas viewers. Pete’s steadfast and thorough approach has won him eleven Emmy Awards for weather anchoring and special show hosting. He attended Mississippi State University for his masters level meteorology courses, and holds a Bachelor’s of Science from Southern
    Illinois University at Edwardsville. Delkus made his mark in Cincinnati where he worked from 1996 to 2005 as the “severe weather leader” coined from his exclusive coverage of the deadly 1999 Tornado.

  • 2018 Forum Sponsors

    VICTORY ($15,000)

    Leslie Ann Crozier/The Crozier Family

    END ZONE ($10,000)

    Lee Bailey Foundation
    Caroline Rose Hunt/Billie Lee Rippey
    Dawn Mickey

    GOAL LINE ($7,500)


    RED ZONE ($5,000)

    Chris Bright
    Gordy Ceresino
    Carolyn Cosgriff
    Don Dykstra
    Sandi & Ron Haddock/Barbara & Stan Levenson
    Jana Hayes/Denise Nolan/Von Truong
    Amie & Lanny Raney
    Carolyn & Jere Thompson
    U.T. Southwestern Medical Center
    Jimmy Westcott

    CHAMPION ($3,000)

    Diane & Stuart Bumpas
    Kim & Jeff Chapman
    Millie & Dr. Ken Cooper
    Dawn Henderson
    Kathleen & Frank Lauinger
    Sarah Losinger
    Barbara & Jim Moroney
    Barbara & Dr. Randall Rosenblatt
    Bonnie & Peter Smith
    Nancy & Gerald Solomon

    WINNER ($1,000 to $2,500)

    Lee Bailey
    Fred Balda
    Hong & Jim Bass
    Jill Bindler
    Dianne Cash
    Diane Depoi
    Diane & Nick DiGiuseppe
    Gail Corder Fischer
    Soni Graves
    Carol Hall
    John Harrington
    Carol & Michael Haynes
    Melonie Kastman
    Stacey & Don Kivowitz
    Kris & Matt Kramer
    Liza & Dr. Will Lee
    Lottye & Bobby Lyle
    Scott Sandlin
    Sandy Schwan
    Dr. Greg Seal
    Gloria Snead
    Fallon & Robert Vaughn
    Katherine Wynne

    1st & 10 ($500)

    Suzanne Blankenship
    Beverly & Bruce Bowman
    Elliott Burdette
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    Rick Hennessy
    Rita Hortenstine
    Hillary Knauss
    Ruth Lindsley
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    Debra Nelson
    Charles Putnam
    Paige Scheer
    Carol Seay
    Jeri Marcus Smith
    Alison Wood


    Eileen & Alex Charlton
    Carlyle Global Partners
    Linda & Steve Ivy and Cathy & Michael Haynes
    Heritage Auctions

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    Leslie Ann Crozier & Katherine Wynne


    Marilyn Augur
    Lee Bailey
    Kim & Jeff Chapman
    Millie & Ken Cooper
    Barbara & Steve Durham
    Gail Corder Fischer
    Carol Hall
    Cathy & Michael Haynes
    Linda & Steve Ivy
    Liza & William Lee
    Barbara & Stan Levenson
    Sarah & Alan Losinger
    Barbara & Jim Moroney
    Billie Leigh Rippey
    Carol Seay
    Bonnie & Peter Smith
    Gloria Snead
    Jimmy Westcott


    Jill Bindler
    April Bosworth
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    Carolyn Cosgriff
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