2017 Host Committee and VIPs

Evening Host

Leslie Ann Crozier

Master of Ceremonies

Pete Delkus

Strategic Planning Chair

Steve Crozier

Event Chair

Carol Hall

Advertising and Public Relations Chairs

Barbara & Stan Levenson

Creative Chair

Paula Feinberg

2017 Host Committee

Adrienne Faulkner
Alice Krupa
Alison Wood
Amy Mitchell
Amy Spence
Angie and Steve Crozier
April Bosworth
Barbara and Stan Levenson
Betty Whitham
Beverly Mendoza
Bonnie Smith
Carol Hall
Cathy and Michael Haynes
Cindy Eichenholz
Cissy Goodson
Dawn Henderson
Dawn Mickey
Denise Nolan
Diane Depoi
Elizabeth Evans
Emily Haring
Fay Sheehan
Gail Peacock
Helen Holman
Jana Hayes
Jess Ceresino
Jessica Donnelli
Jill Bindler
Joanie England
Jocelyn White
Kara Kirkby
Katherine Wynne
Lee Bailey
Liza Lee
Marilyn Augur
Martha Sweezey
Mary Catherine Huffines
Melissa and Stephen Brooks
Nancy Guerriero Solomon
Natalie Woods
Nicole and Cade Crozier
Pat Holder Ritter
Paula Feinberg
Rita Hortenstein
Ruth Lindsley
Sarah Losinger
Shara McClure
Sissy Cullum
Stacey Kivowitz
Sue Carlton
Suzanne Blankenship
Von Truong